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Technopreneurship: Meet TwitterMan of Kashmir


Faisal Ibni Maqbool

Most teens love to use social media for self promotion, stylish selfies and impressing the opposite gender. But Faisal Maqbool dreamed bigger. A regular 19 year old college going dude from Solina (Srinagar), is leveraging social media tools like Twitter and Facebook to earn some quick big bucks. Currently he has more than 50,000 followers on twitter, more than 1,50,000 tweets and a huge following on Facebook. He has smartly and gradually mastered the art of promoting and campaigning through social media. Due to his substantial reach, Faisal is being continuously approached by big media and marketing houses for business assignments. He charges upto 9 USD (INR 600) per tweet and upto 900 USD (60,000) for half an hour social media campaign. Spin doctor of social media, Faisal knows  the art of making things viral and hitting the “trending” charts frequently.

Continuing his internet based money minting endeavor, Faisal has raised substantial funds and ventured into an e-magazine for story and article writers with the url  In his conversation with Silk Route, he said: “Writers Capsule is the essential online community and resource portal for writers in every stage and genre. It is a resource that offers frequently updated articles and blogs, educational webcasts, informational e-newsletters; and the Writer’s Forum, a lively virtual gathering place where writers share experiences, offer critiques, and make connections.” He said the writers can post their articles at their own after the approval. There is no bar on the topic of the article and anyone can post his or her relevant write up on the magazine,” he said.

When asked as to why he chose the name writers capsule, he said “I have chosen this name as someone’s writings can act as a medicine for others . I mean some writings motivate a person or writings become an inspiration for someone. It is a daily dose of idea and emotion exchange “. The Srinagar youth has previously worked with UNICEF on Juvenile Justice Bill, Swipe Technologies and With his wide reach in the online world, he will help the best writers of his e-magazine to tie up with leading blogging websites where they can also earn money. He said he will announce a gift on the occasion of New Year for writers that also include kids.

The inspirational young turk of Srinagar can be reached on twitter @Ibni_maqbool and on Facebook at

Written by EjazAyoub

Writer, Marketer and a Banker with little bit of Muscle.